Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Operating Systems

Operating System or OS- The OS is a large program made up of many smaller programs that control how the CPU communicates with other hardware components.
User friendly- The Computer is friendly for the user.
BIOS- (Basic Input Output System) You may remember from Lesson 2 that the BIOS is responsible for waking up the computer when you turn it on to remind it of all the parts it has and what they do.
DOS- (Disk-based Operating System)The part of the operating system that contains these programs is stored on a computer's hard drive and is booted to RAM whenever the computer is turned on.
GUI- (Graphical User Interface) that uses graphics or pictures to help the user navigate within the computer system. There are different operating systems available for PCs, but the most common is Windows, which was developed by a company named Microsoft.

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