Friday, June 3, 2011

Question of the Day

What is wrong with the way kids are educated today? Why is school often considered boring by students? How should the educational system be changed to meet the needs of the 21st century economy? Why do you think that eduction needs to change?

Education is the most important source you can ever earn in life.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Question of the Day

The long term effect of wearing ear-buds and constantly listening to music can result in deferring of the ears, what you can do to prevent it from happening is try and waer the ear-buds lesser than what you do and listen to it from radio sources.

Question of the Day

"Music and Technology"How has technology changed the way people listen to music? What are the pros and cons of these changes?

technology has a big impact on how people listen to music and download it, the pros of it is that it can come from a wireless source the cons of it is that it can be addictive, time consuming and, expensive.

Question of the Day

Headphones or No Headphones" You are listening to an iPod or mp3 player. Someone starts a conversation with you. What is the proper etiquette for wearing your headphones or ear-buds? Should you remove them or can you wear them during the conversation? Explain your answer.

wearing headphones while someone is trying to ask or tell you something is rude and not polite behavior it can be something very important and you will miss out on it because you chose to wear headphones.

Question of the Day

Do you play video games? If you do what are your favorite types of video games? If you don't play video games, why not? Explain your answer.

I play video games, its a relaxing and sometimes challenging thing to do even if you are in a stressful mood playing video games helps relief the feeling.

Question of the Day

What game did or do you have the most fun playing? Describe why this game is so much fun? It does not have to be video game.

the game that i have the most fun playing is Pac man because its a classic and its very challenging.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Question of the Day

What do you think are the long term effect of wearing ear-buds and listening to music constantly? What can you do to help prevent any negative effects?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Question of the Day

What do you think might be the potential pros and cons of using robots instead of humans in environments that are hazardous to human? How do you think that humans who currently work in these environments might react to robotic workers?

Question of the Day

What other uses can you think of where robots might be placed in environments that would be hazardous to humans?

robot are more indispensable than humans they were created to do more than humans things that we can not, around a nuclear plant it would dangerous for a human to be around, a robot was created to withstand the foul chemical area.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Question of the Day

Would you want someone to use your Photograph for a school project? Do you think that they should get your permission first? Why?

Question of the Day

How do you think that news websites might emphasize certain stories? In your opinion, why might a news organization want to do this?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Question of the Day

What does "Give Credit Where Credit is Due" mean to you? How does this apply particularly to social networking and electronic media?

Question of the Day

In your opinion, how might you and your peers react if a similar ban on bagged lunches was established at your school? Do you think that students at your school would make healthier choices if school food were the only food available? Explain.\

Bagged lunches consist of what the makers wants it to, if there is healthy food inside the bag then students what have a choice to eat or not. On the other hand if the bag consisted of a majority of junk food ten kids would probably consider eating unhealthy because that's their usual eating habit. I would prefer that the bag lunch maker give options of healthy bagged lunches and some bags with a little of regular food inside.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Question of the Day

Read: A short guide to social networking
Write a three paragraph essay using complete sentences, proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

What are some of the problems that you face as teenager as a result of Social Networking? This would include using social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, Instant Messaging, SMS and or Text Messaging. How does interacting 24/7 affect the way you think and communicate? Does social media affect your school work in a positive or negative way? Do you agree or disagree with the author of this article that Social Networking affects both your writing skills and social manners? What do you think? Make sure to defend your position.

Question of the Day

What is a variable? a variable is a placeholder for some value, much like x and y are popular variables in algebra

How are variable represented in Scratch? In Scratch, variables are represented with blocks shaped like elongated circles, uniquely labeled by you.

What are the two types of variables and how can they be used? Variables, generally speaking, can be local or global.

What is a Boolean variable? A variable that only takes on a value of true (i.e., 1) or false (i.e., 0), incidentally,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Question of the Day

What is a condition? A condition is something that must be true in order for something to happen.

What are some statements of a conditional construct? In Scratch, any block whose label says "if," "when," or "until" is a sort of conditional construct.

What happens when you use the if construct? With it can we instruct a sprite to say hello only if, say, the user has depressed the mouse button:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Question of the Day

What is a Boolean expression? a Boolean expression is an expression that is either true or false. In Scratch, any block shaped like an elongated diamond is a Boolean expression.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Question of the Day

What do you think of people who do not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? If you do not stand explain why you don't? Why do you think you should or should not stand? Remember if you don't stand for something you will fall for everything.

I do not stand for the pledge of allegiance because it is against my religion, i am African, and the pledge of allegiance i feel represents the Illuminati. plus i don't represent what the American culture stands for.( one nation under god) it should have been all nations under god, but i guess that's just how selfish the American culture is.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Question of the Day

What is a statement? What are some words that mean the same thing? a statement is simply a directive that tells the computer to do something. Think of it as a command or an instruction. In Scratch, any block whose label reads like a command is a statement.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Question of the Day

April Fools has started to become a big deal online. Do you think that April Fools jokes are all in fun or are they a waste of time? Do you think that April Fools jokes are harmless or go to far? Why?

April fools day jokes are the best this time of year, every year you have someone that comes with the best April fools day joke ever, they are not a waste of time they are a great laugh when done right, they are completely harmless.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Question of the Day

Should technologies, like nuclear reactors, that produce negative impact continue to be used?

to be honest why would the world need nuclear reactor, if they were made to blow up

Question of the Day

Why do you think eating or drinking is not allowed in the classroom? Why does eating or drinking not go well when working on a computer?

Eating and drinking is not allowed in class rooms for reasons that are reasonable, if their ere eating and drinking allowed in class there would be trash left behind by kids who don't know how to use the trash Ben. And if there were drinking allowed some kids are clumsy they might knock there drink over, if that occurs there will be lots of rodents attracted to the class room being that there are sticky spots to go to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Question of the Day

What role does art, music or games play in your life?

art plays an part of my life because i look at art as an moment caught in a picture painted by an artist, music plays a major part in my life, i love music, i relate and base my life on music, games does not play a part in my life because i don't play games none once so ever.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Question of the Day

Tell us what you think about parents sharing their family-related frustrations, concerns and stories with online readers. Should they obtain their spouses’ and children’s permission first? Would you approve or disapprove if your mother or father were sharing stories about you online – in, say, a blog, or on Facebook or Twitter? What ground rules would you want your parents to agree to? How protective are you of your privacy?

Question of the Day

Do you think that video games like Tetris or PacMan have any educational value? Why or why not?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Question of the Day

As a teenager, how do you think technology changed or affected your life?

Technology has changed my life because of the fact that I'm more intellectual with learning new thing threw using the computer, it has affected my life as well because of that fact that i spend hrs. on the web.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Question of the Day

Do you think modern technology reduces or increases cheating? Why?

modern day technology makes it a little easier to cheat in a relationship, and in class on a test in class, it makes it easy to cheat in a relationship because its a private way for you talk to another individual, it makes it easy to cheat in class because whatever the subject is you can save information to an individual folder an pull it up when you need it.

Question of the Day

Do you think modern technology reduces or increases stress? Why?

Modern day technology is more stressful now and days because of the way its setup,
people who are familiar with using a computer then the use of it comes more natural to the modern usage of the computer, people who are not familiar with the computer it makes it more stressful to use.

Question of the Day

Should you spy on your cheating bf (boyfriend) or gf (girlfriend)? What would you do if you caught your bf (boyfriend) or gf (girlfriend) spying on you?

Its is not in the law for spouses to spy on there significant other, nor invade their privacy, being if you both love and care for one anther then there should be no ensucurity

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Question of the Day

A limerick is a silly poem with five lines. They are often funny or nonsensical.

On my computer posting a blog, one friends made a response. they asked if i want to chill, i say NO i need a meal, they say cool, i say i will call u.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Question of the Day

Why do you think x y coordinates are used in Scratch? How can the coordinates be used when commanding a Sprite?

The x y coordinates are used in scratch because it deals with grafting of a shape.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Question of the Day

Boolean Expressions (true or false) similar to binary number (on or off). How do you think Boolean Expressions help a computer to process information(think)?

Question of the Day

Computers follow directions exactly the way they are given and in the order they are given. When a program does not perform correctly who do you think is responsible, the programmer or the computer? Why?

If or when an computer program does not perform properly its usually the programmers fault,, reasons being is because as a programmer you must use accurate resources to build a computer program, if it has problems after being sold to a user, its usually the programmers fault.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Question of the Day

Have you ever learned a foreign language? How do you think learning computer programming will be like learning another language?

I am of two religions, African American, so there for i have family members that do speak a foreign language, learning computer programing is just like learning a foreign language there are words in the technological world that sound just like its a foreign language.

Question of the Day

How do you think the miniaturization of the cellular antennas will effect the way wireless technology and smart phones are used for education?

the miniaturization of cellular antennas is a way to miniaturize the way the phone or gadget is featured now days, but it also comes with a risk of your device getting any wireless connection. technology evolves everyday but the connection who's to sat that it will be hear forever.

Question of the Day

Do you think that reading to children will make them better readers and ultimately help them do better in school? Why?

reading to children is one of the most best things that you could do for a child, a child hearing you read and the way how u pronounce words will give them an understanding on what reading is and how to go about reading stories.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Question of the Day

Do you think that reading to children will make them better readers and ultimately help them do better in school? Why?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Question of the Day

Do you think that the passing the HSPA should be a requirement for graduation? Why?

I feel as though passing the HSPA test should not be an requirement for graduation because in so many words the scores that you receive after taking the test should be a your GPA that follows you for the rest of your life, so the passing or failing grade that you get tells who evaluates you in the future.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Question of the Day

Do you think the HSPA test should be given on a computer or over the Internet? Why?

My feelings toward the HSPA test being given over the computer are negative, reasons being is because it would be as if every student would be assign to a certain computer and it may cause some confusion in some occasions, the way test are given now is the test should be given from now on.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Network Diagram

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000175 EndHTML:0000004062 StartFragment:0000002673 EndFragment:0000004026 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/ict6/Documents/Tmar.Walkerper.6.doc

Question of the Day

What is you first was the first thing you remember doing on the Internet?  How old were you?  What did you use to access the Internet?  
What was the first thing I've done on the internet, i looked up a game playing site named mini clip. I had to be the age of 9 years old, the connection i used was safari because that was the connection in that point in time.

Question of the Day

What is you first memory of using a computer?  How old were you? What did you do on the computer? How did it make you feel?

The first memory of using a computer is back in the year 1957, i wasn't born yet, the computer was used to transfer documents from one destination to another, i was very blown away once i was eligible to use the computer on my own and witness all of the amazing features hands on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Question of the Day

How is technology woven into your life?  Do you socialize different online and offline? Or do you socialize the same way?

 The internet is woven into my life in many different ways, i socialize totally different on the internet than offline, in a way u can connect with someone in way better choice of words then if you were talking to them in person.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Question of the Day

Could a computer be competitive in a fantasy league? 

A computer can be very competitive with a fantasy league in jeopardy, but only if it is programed  to because a computer can only do what us humans or the creator wants it to do. a human is fully capable of out smarting a computer its just the fact that a human thinks, and computers doesn't they already know.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question of the Day

Watson made his debut on Jeopardy this week.  He is doing very well.  How do you think Watson's performance on Jeopardy compares to the Folktale "John Henry"?

To be honest I don't know if there is any thing that compares Waston to the old folk tale John Henry. But im sure that he is an outstanding person. and being compared to an historic legend most be a great feeling, just like attending a game like jeopardy.   

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question of the Day

How can the internet help you to learn? What do you do to take advantage of this?

The internet can help you learn by using one of its learning websites or getting assistance from an person who knows how to use the internet well, what you can do to take advantage of this get spend more time on the computer doing more constructive things not unnecessary things. 

Question of the Day

As a teenager, how do you think the Internet, computers and technology changed or affected your life? 

 The way that people use the computer an the internet now and days are way more then they used to, back then the computer was being used for business purposes only. The internet has comes a very long way from what is was and were it used to be, the way it has changed my life is how it made me more open minded to surfing and being interactive with technology. 

Question of the Day

What would you do if someone created a page on Facebook using your name and information?

The procedure that i would take if someone had stolen my personal information and used against me to created an phony Facebook profile, an degraded my name by posted disrespectful things about and saying stuff that i wouldn't using say online. I would take the extra mile by stated on my office profile page that someone has stolen my identity is using it to destroy my reputation on the internet, i would send the message to everyone that i have as a friend so therefore people would know the situation before had or if they have witness the attack already.    

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Question of the Day

What can you do to help make the Internet safer?

What i can do to help make the internet safer is gives well needed intelligent info to internet founders so that a change would be in the process of occurring. 

Question of the Day

What is the Internet?  What makes the Web work?  How are packets delivered using IP addresses and Web browsers?

The internet is an technical vortex that is assessable to all wi-fi connected devices around the world, what makes the web work is the kinetic energy with in an technical device, packages are delivered using IP addressing and web browser by inputting the necessary info on the package.

Question of the Day

What do you think are the dangers of connecting your computer or computer device to the Internet?

 The dangers i think will occur if connecting the computer to the internet are the dangers of you coming in contact with total strangers and all of your personal information will be  broadcasted for all to see.

Question of the Day

"You can observe a lot just by watching." Yogi Berra What does this really mean?  How will following this advice help you to be successful?

its true you can learn a lot just by watching Yogi Berra honestly i don't really know what it means but, if following this advice will help you be successful any many different ways possible.  

Question of the Day

How does technology cast its shadow over you and/or society?

Technology cast its self over me and my society by being the main source in the society today. it helps out major businesses , and corporations keep an more organized profile to how the business is ran. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Question of the Day

What effect do you think Martin Luther King Jr. had on your life?  How is his message still relevant? Or is it? Why?

 The effects that Dr. martin Luther king Jr. had on my life is that i had right to be heard in America and i have freedom of speech because of him as well. With out Dr. king it would have been difficult for Afro-Americans to live comfortable in today's society.

Question of the Day

Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. died for his beliefs.  What beliefs would you be willing to die for? 

Some beliefs that would be willing to die for are true beliefs that the world is not going to end but it will be an new world order and 2012 is just an incomplete prediction of an old world researcher. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Question of the Day

What device or devices do you prefer to use to access the Internet? Why?

the devices i would prefer using to get access to the internet would be my cell phones and the portable latop, i say those two because there most compatible when it comes to being mobile and trustworthy, thats is why i would prefer one of these trusted devices for portable internet connection.

Question of the Day

Do you think using cell phones too much is bad for our physical or mental health? Why?  

Using cell phones now and days are for the comfort of us people in boring or research purposes. using them too much is kind of a personal choice sometimes people don't know when there using there phone too much.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Question of the Day

What do you think is the most important feature of a tablet computer?  How will this change the way we learn?

I feel the most important Feature on an tablet computer is the computer its self  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lesson 2

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="410" height="342"></iframe>

Question of the Day

Why do you think tablet computers have become so popular?  What makes these devices so desirable?

tablet computers have become so popular in today's society by being an accessory   to people in playing a important part in there lives. what makes these so desirable to us is the overall look, the size, and everything that it comes equipt with.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Operating Systems

Operating System or OS- The OS is a large program made up of many smaller programs that control how the CPU communicates with other hardware components.
User friendly- The Computer is friendly for the user.
BIOS- (Basic Input Output System) You may remember from Lesson 2 that the BIOS is responsible for waking up the computer when you turn it on to remind it of all the parts it has and what they do.
DOS- (Disk-based Operating System)The part of the operating system that contains these programs is stored on a computer's hard drive and is booted to RAM whenever the computer is turned on.
GUI- (Graphical User Interface) that uses graphics or pictures to help the user navigate within the computer system. There are different operating systems available for PCs, but the most common is Windows, which was developed by a company named Microsoft.

What is an Operating System?

The Operating System is a large program made up of many smaller programs that control how the CPU communicates with other hardware components.

Question of the Day

Do you think that learning should be fun?  Do you learn more or less when learning is fun?  Why?

Having fun and learning is are too good things but not good together, learning should be caughty and have your attention but to much laughing might cause a distraction in the lesson being taught. Learn while having fun is not good for me because i learn better when the assignment is hands on. i learn more when learning is less fun and more serious.    

Monday, January 3, 2011

Question of the Day

What are you planning to do to make 2011 the best year ever in school, at home and in the rest of your life?

what i am planning to do to make 2011 the best year for me is to do constructive things with my spare time and make sure that what ever i do this year is positive and meaningful.